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Strategical Thinking

Building brand and visual identities starts with process and asking the important questions from the start.

I take every client through organized creative workshops to help individuals, and businesses take them where they want to be. This is a three step process.

step one

Define your brand.

Do you know who you are? By going through an organized workshop to define your brand we create a framework that is a guide your brand on where to go.

step TWO

Design for your tribe.

Your tribe is your audience, and design intended for your audience is the most successful. Who are they? What are their problems? How can you help them? Design for your tribe and not for yourself, you make informed decisions that help you grow.

step three

How are you going to grow?

You can do three key things as business. Create awareness, increase revenue, and be more efficient. The final step involves creating connections between your tribe and your growth plan. By organizing and prioritizing these connections, you have a framework for growth that can be implemented over time.